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The Ultimate B2B Email Marketing Guide for 2021 Edition


The Ultimate B2B Email Marketing Guide for 2021 Edition

Techniques are usually packaged as template so it can be easily executed as client projects come in. The goal of this guide is to create a cutting edge, lean and completely agile way to deploy an email marketing strategy wherein results -come fast, and is significant.

Email Marketing Campaign CRO

By the end of this chapter you should be able to accomplish the ff:

  • Build quality email campaigns at scale
  • Test, analyze and optimize email campaign results
  • Audit and create CRO plan for an email campaign

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) on email marketing campaigns involves the continuous crafting, testing, evaluation and tweaking of an email series designed for a certain campaign that can be relational or promotional.

From the email copy, email layout and design, #of emails, timing, subject lines, email offer, segmentation -all these factors affects your email campaign’s conversion rate (CR)%.

Quick Tips

  • Use a promotional calendar to ensure readiness for each campaign
  • The more time you have the more quality emails you can build, the higher the conversion
  • Get into your target audience FB groups and identify common talking points to be used on your email swipe/subject lines
  • Creating a themed template for each campaign like a seasonal campaign for example helps make the email series cohesive enough to deliver a clear uniting message

Email Marketing Campaign Quick Start

Build your email campaigns fast while maintaining that impressive quality.

Go to your promotional calendar and check the next campaign to implement.

On your drawing board put all the necessary details of this promotion and devise a cohesive value proposition that will be unique for this campaign alone.

Always remember these 4 pillars that will be a key driver to scoring a good conversion rate on your email campaign -Credibility, Benefit, Idea and Track Record.

Credibility -basically a proof to claims. Include a social proof for example to validate your claim on the product/service benefit

Benefit -sell your product/services benefits not features. Inform customers how your product/service can solve their problems

Idea -use an emotion driven selling proposition that is unique to your offerings and maintains the cohesive message of your email campaign

Track Record – don’t forget to include your experience and know how. Make sure your customers understand that you and your company have exactly what it takes to deliver the said benefits.

Make sure to include these on your drawing board for referencing -all throughout your email marketing campaign.

Next start building your email’s layout based on a certain theme.

Start building out the campaign -specific email header and footer.

Once the template is complete. Duplicate it as needed.

Start building out key messages for your email series -depending on how many emails are going to be sent. Remember that the email copy and design will rely unto these key messages. Key messages for the rest of the campaign must strongly reflect your sale’s argument.

Start building out the email design and email swipe for each mailing.

CRO for Email Marketing Design

Method: Usage of popping design layering techniques. Using both Stripo email editor and Canva graphics suite – create a template that takes advantage of layers to enhance the visual appeal and form factor of a marketing email.

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